6 Tips from Geeks: Maximizing Web Hosting Performance without the Need to Max Out Your Budget

17 Oct

Dedicated servers from SSD Web Hosting are the most ideal web hosting option you will need especially if you are expanding and growing your site. Dedicated servers have all the need processors, memory storage, and bandwidth needed as you maintain your site. Whether you are a newbie in this field of expertise or a veteran, the 6 tips to maximize your web hosting experience will be perfect for you.

Don't shop for sports cars. When you go looking for the best web hosting provider, don't choose the not budget friendly servers or the ones that offer the biggest storage, latest web apps, or largest disk space. You will need them, but not now. You will not be smart with your search. Go for only the web host that can match exactly your needs. Just like when you are buying for a car, you don't buy sports car right away when your family will benefit from a SUV or family wagon.

Manage it to save money. Many users pride themselves with web host providers which offer hands-free hosting services. It is great for those who don't have time to manage it or great for those who are rich. But if you want to get the most out of web hosting providers, manage it yourself. Instead of asking them to do system monitoring, software and OS updates, doing backups, performance optimizations, and other things needed, why not do it yourself. It is doable, many are doing it. Just ask help from their customer service team or tech support to guide you with the steps needed.

Go for reliability. Do you know that you can lose about $5,600 per minute when your site is down? Many companies are losing billions of dollars per year because of downtime and outages. You can avoid that by going for reliable hosts and more than 99.5% uptime.

Security is a necessity. If there is one thing you need to spend your money on, security. You don't want your brand to be at risk from hacks and losing sensitive information.

Predictable scaling. It is best to start from shared web ssd vps hosting so you can monitor the need for growth. If you decided to go for dedicated servers, you won't see the need to grow and scale it back to normal. You might feel pressured with the prices you are going to pay later on.

Use customer and tech supports. In all that you do, go for a 24/7 support, ask for their help. They are always willing to lend a hand. You get a lot of things for free if you just know how to ask.

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